Why Weekly Meal Ideas?

We created Weekly Meal Ideas with two simple goals in mind to help working moms and dads and families on a budget:
  1. To provide a weekly plan for family dinners.
  2. To create a shopping list that accompanies each week's meals.
As working parents, we found it necessary to create weekly meal plans to help keep us organized and keep our budget under control. We knew of several people who, like us, were constantly asking themselves "What will I make for dinner tonight?" So, we thought we'd share our menu ideas with the world! Our meals are usually not fancy, and some meals are even "experimental" in nature, but they are always "real-life" dinners that can be accomplished by the average cook.

We believe that by reducing the stress of meal planning, we can help families to come together to the dinner table to enjoy one another. We also believe that by having a "print-an-go" plan will help families reduce the amount of their budget devoted to meals by reducing trips to restaurants out of convenience!

We hope that you and your family will benefit from Weekly Meal Ideas. Please help us improve by leaving your comments and suggestions! And, if you like us, please tell a friend!